DSM’s AstaSan Astaxanthin Receives New Safety Backing

DSM’s AstaSan Astaxanthin has been self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for use in food and beverage applications in the United States (US). AstaSan is a free form of nature-identical astaxanthin and is well-documented to offer superior bioavailability, compared to the esterified form. The self-GRAS affirmation follows and builds upon the prior approval of a color additive petition by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an article of commerce in the US food supply, and means that AstaSan continues to be supported by the most extensive safety data set specific to any single astaxanthin product on the market.

With a growing body of evidence to demonstrate its role as a powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin delivers heart and eye health benefits that are backed by science. There is ample clinical data to conclude that astaxanthin can be found in the bloodstream of humans as quickly as two hours after oral supplementation. It can also be measured in lipoproteins such as VLDL, LDL and HDL, which research indicates is the mechanism of action for the heart health benefits of astaxanthin. Its ability to position across the cell membrane bi-layer also means that it can complement the activities of other antioxidants in a formulation.

According to the FDA, self-affirmed GRAS status is awarded to any substance that is generally recognized among qualified experts in the field as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use. “The recognition that AstaSana Astaxanthin meets such criteria helps to further address reports that have previously questioned the safety and bioavailability of synthetically manufactured astaxanthin,” comments Georges Bergen, Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs at DSM. “AstaSana Astaxanthin has been in the food supply for more than 25 years, and we are proud to continue to be setting the safety standards for all other commercially available astaxanthin in the marketplace.”

As the world’s leading producer and supplier of astaxanthin, DSM’s extensive portfolio includes both naturally-sourced and nature-identical ingredients. This means that it providers customers and consumers with a choice of astaxanthin products, for use in dietary supplement, food and beverage and infant nutrition applications.

For more information on AstaSana Astaxanthin, please visit http://www.dsm.com/astasana.

Source: http://www.nutritioninsight.com/news/DSMs-AstaSan-Astaxanthin-Receives-New-Safety-Backing.html?tracking=All%20Category%20News


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