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Summer Recipe: How to Make An Algal Bloom

Blue-green algae is a simple organism in that its needs aren’t all that complex: A little heat, some water, sunshine, throw in some sort of nutrient and you have the ingredients of an algal bloom. That was the case in

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Solar powered buoy controls toxic algal blooms using ultrasound waves

          To combat the rise in blue-green algae that can cause problems in water reservoirs, Dutch company LG Sonic has developed a floating solar powered platform that emits specific ultrasonic parameters. Called the MPC-Buoy, the solar-powered

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China’s algae crisis offers feedstock for U.S. plastics firm

Lake Taihu, the third largest freshwater body in China, once was pure and beautiful and one of my fondest childhood memories. But like many things in China, it has fallen victim of GDP-focused development and now is devastated by pollution.

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