Blue latte: the vegan coffee that smells of seaweed and contains no caffeine

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Blue ‘smurf’ lattes are the latest drink to experience a moment on Instagram after Australian cafe Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne posted a snap of its periwinkle concoction. 

Unlike other multicoloured coffees we’ve seen on our feeds, the blue latte isn’t a result of food colouring, but is instead down to a special ingredient: E3 live blue algae. 

As well as the edible freshwater plant, the blue drink is made of lemon, ginger agave and coconut milk, making it vegan, caffiene-free and sugar-free. 

“People think it’s going to be a bubble gummy sweet taste,” the café’s co-owner Nic Davidson told Mashable Australia. “You can definitely taste the agave and the lemon. It’s a quite sweet and ‘soury’ kind of taste … but it’s a difficult to explain taste — everyone thinks it’s different.”

The unusual drink is already proving a hit down under, and Matcha Mylkbar co-owner Mark Filippelli said the vegan cafe had sold at least 100 of them in four days.

“We even have people who don’t speak English ordering by just pointing to the photo on Instagram,” he said. 

Which means you may want to brace yourselves, Londoners – it’s only a matter of time before someone in Hackney catches on and we’re all drinking artisan blue lattes at our breakfast meetings. 

It might not give you the same coffee kick as an espresso, but at least it will look good on Instagram.

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