Spirulina Algae Dish


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Product Description

This feedstock is a organic, food-grade blue-green algae that has been spray dried.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in


Particle Size


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Feedstock Name


Nutrient Type


Data Sheet

Feedstock Macro - Form Micro - Form Class Quality
Spirulina Spray Dried Whole Cell Algae Food Grade
Cultivation Nutrient Type Nutrient Source Particle Size Analysis Available Wet?
Open Pond Fertilizer Chemical Grade No No
Moisture 4.7%   Bulk Density  

% Dry Weight

Crude Protein 70%   Phosphorus 1.04%
Crude Fiber 0.5%   Potassium 1.83%
Total Fat 1.05%   Calcium 0.11%
Starch 0.73%   Magnesium 0.32%
WSC 8.08%   Manganese 31 ppm
ESC 2.62%   Iron 403 ppm
Fructans 5.46%   Aluminum 33 ppm
NSC 8.81%   Copper 7 ppm
Ash 8.33%   Zinc 21 ppm
      Sodium 10650 ppm


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