Q: What solutions does buyalgae.com offer?

A: buyalgae.com provides biomass producers with an opportunity to provide their novel feedstocks to a variety of potential end-users to assist in product development and scale up and organize the algae supply chain to commodity level pricing and availability to grow and mature the algae biotechnology sector.


Q: What products do you offer?

A: The product listings at buyalgae.com are divided into four primary groups: algae, seaweed, aquatic macrophytes and bioproducts. The algae category comprises marine, brackish and freshwater microalgae or filamentous algae strains. The product may be offered in dry form for processing or liquid form for growing. The seaweed category comprises marine macroalgae, such as Kelp, Gracillaris, Ulva, etc in either fresh or dry form. The aquatic macrophytes comprise freshwater and brackish water aquatic plants and weeds. These morphologies are commonly considered nuisance and are possibly invasive, hence promoting their harvesting and removal. This category includes aquatic plants such as duckweed, water hyacinth, azolla, water lettuce, and others. The bioproducts catagory is reserved for biomaterials that have been processed or extracted and differ from the raw feestock. Such products post extracted protein meal, animal feed supplements, algae-blended bioplastic resins, algal crude oils, bio-based chemical feedstocks, extracted pigments, spent brewers meal, etc.


Q: Where does the algae come from?

A: buyalgae.com connects algae producers with algae product developers or end users. Depending on the listing, the algae may be grown by different producers in different geographic locations and using different cultivation approaches. These factors are included in the product listing profile and it is up to the algae producer to provide as much information about the feedstock as possible to assist buyer in making informed decisions on their feedstock purchase.


Q: I want to evaluate algae for research, how do I know what algae to buy?

buyalgae.com develops a product listing profile for each product for sale on the site. The profile contains key information about the origin of the biomass, such as category, species, quantity available, price structure, quality, material form, purity, cultivation technique, nutrient source, compositional assay, and potential end-use applications. It is up to the seller to provide the most accurate and detailed description of their material, where the more details offered the better the material is for R&D and product development applications.


Q: I’m an algae producer, how do I sell my algae through your site?

A: Algae producers can list their algae feedstock and algae-based products at buyalgae.com with specific details about the feedstock characteristics, images, etc and its potential commercial applications. To become a registered seller, please email info@algix.com to request to become a seller and you will be sent the product listing profile to complete for your feedstock. Once approved by our staff, we will post your feedstock of bioproduct in the online catalog. buyalgae.com also offers a high profile Portfolio listing for algae companies that produce an array of aquatic-based products ranging from raw biomass, to oils, meals, extracts and commercial products.

Q: How long will it take to receive my algae order?

A: Shipping and handling time may vary depending on the listing and the location of the biomass. In some cases, freshly harvested material may be required to fulfill the order, which may delay the shipping date. If smaller test batches of material are ordered that are stored in house shipping times will be short and based upon shipping method selected during checkout.

Q: Who is the target audience for buyalgae.com?

A: Academic and industrial companies are interested in exploring algae as a renewable feedstock for a variety of end-use applications depending on biomass characteristics. The largest markets are the biofuels, biomaterials/bioplastics, nutraceutical and animal feed sectors. buyalgae.com will perform marketing and advertising for seller products targeted at academic, entrepreneurial, and industrial buyers. buyalgae.com will also be used to identify suitable sources of feedstock for conversion into bioresin and bioplastics for ALGIX, LLC collaborators and strategic partners to further assist in the product development aspects of the algae industry.

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