Buyalgae.com is a marketplace for aquatic biomass and bioproducts connecting buyers and sellers with innovative and renewable feedstocks.

The demand for algae is growing in research and development where sustainable solutions are being commercialized for animal feeds, bioplastics, biofuels and bioproducts.

Our Mission is to help build the supply chain for the feedstock of the future one algae bloom at a time.

Buy Algae

We provide biomass producers with an opportunity to provide their novel feedstocks to a variety of end-users to assist in product development, scale up, and organize the algae supply chain to commodity level pricing and availability to grow and mature the algae biotechnology sector.

Sell Algae

Buyalgae.com will focus on marketing for a seller’s product to increase exposure for your feedstock. Each algae producer creates their unique biomass listing by using our product profile questionnaire.

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